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2018-06-24 - 5:10 a.m.

I love that I found this diary of mine. I've had it since I was like 15. Interesting name - MizBitch16. LOL. I was not even a bitch in high school - I was pretty nice.

Anyhow, I'm 31 years old right now. Will turn 32 years in old in September 2018. The themes of my life are still pretty much the same - i still am searching for a lover (i've never had a boyfriend - how crazy and nuts is that?) but I like myself.

I've recently moved back to Miami for the year. Previously, I was living in LA and I ABSOLUTELY adore it there. I'm planning on moving back there. I really love it there and my skin flourishes there. I also have a rally great job at a great company, Elite SEM. I'm planning on being so financially successful there. Working on huge clients and earning high points value.

I took a Law of Attraction meetup today to try and meet new friends in Miami. A lot of old women but they were kind. The teacher was great - a young Dominican woman named Jennifer. She literally said that we have to be super intentional and clear with the universe and I also think, God, to get and manifest what we want. As I am 31 years old and so super romantically lonely, I've also added a time line to my wants. What I'm trying to desperately attract this season of my life is love - romantic love with a man who is to be my husband, confidante, best friend and life partner.

My little brother told me about his friend, Larry. And he sounds really interesting and someone who can potentially be that. But, on my paper, I wrote down Jessie Williams.

You know him. He's the fine ass actor on "Grey's Anatomy". I saw him in Sugarfish once in LA and my heart literally skipped a beat. He looked right at me, too, and I wonder if his heart skipped a beat. He looked like he didn't mind what he saw.

Anyhoo, he is who I put down as who I want based on his looks, backgrounds, activism, financial success and the fact that he lives in LA and that is where I want to end up. Also, getting together with him would be the ultimate win (in my eyes) after God making me wait 31 YEARS to have a man hold me touch me and be involved with me romantically. By the time I hope to marry him I'll be 32 years old.

I know it sounds nuts, but I definitely believe this can happen. I feel like my life always deals with the impossible and makes impossible things (to me) happen. Remember when I thought God hated me? He adores and loves me. I know this for sure.

Anyhoo, Jessie Williams. I want him. I want him with all my head, heart and soul. I want us to love and live together in LA somewhere - probably the Hollywood Hills. Yea, that's my intention into the universe. And I believe it to happen this year in 2018. I do.


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